Stone resident, Rowena Milligan, will be setting off on the trip of a lifetime in November as she heads to Jordan as part of a team of volunteers delivering aid to refugees from the Syrian crisis. 31 year old Rowena will be working with Atlantic Humanitarian Relief to treat injured and sick people as well as distributing aid across the region.

This is an entirely self-funded trip and Rowena is looking for donations to help fill her suitcases with extra medications and supplies. Like many of us, the GP, who is based at Stone’s Mansion House Surgery, has been upset by the conditions families find themselves in, which is why she has decided to take action,

“as a mother and a GP I have found it increasingly difficult to sit back and watch as these people continue to suffer without the care they need. I have the skills and knowledge to help and am determined to make a positive contribution. Even if I just change one life, that will be enough.”

Atlantic Humanitarian Relief is a medical relief organisation set up in 2012 to help the hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing their country. Rowena will be part of one of their international medical mission teams comprised of doctors, nurses, and other humanitarian aid workers that donate their time and talents to care for those in need. They mostly treat women, children and the elderly providing general medical care, prescribing and dispensing medicine, and performing surgical procedures to address injury.

Rowena will be working out of makeshift clinics and community centres as well as the refugee camps but this change of scene is not deterring the mum of one,

“Thanks to the kind donations from family and friends my shopping basket is already filling up with medicines for children and adults, wound care and baby formula. I’m hoping to be able to raise enough money to take blankets and jackets as winter is approaching and even take some toys.”

Anyone interested in donating to Rowena’s Medical Aid Mission can contact her via her Facebook page or donate via