Stone’s Chuckle Productions release Single “A Kid With a Pocketful of Stars”

Emily Kent and The Chuckle Stars

Children with Additional Needs in Stone Shine Bright for Song Release “The Kid with a Pocketful of Stars”

“The Kid with a Pocketful of Stars” is an original song and video, created by musician Allen Kent for the non-profit organisation Chuckle Productions.

Using the words and pictures of the Chuckle Stars, our musical theatre group for children with additional needs, the song has been created to help give the world a glimpse into their hearts and minds.

The song and video shines a spotlight on the challenges that children and young people with additional needs face, and the way that they see the world is reflected in the lyrics, which are both thought provoking and poignant.

“My grace is my fury, my nonsense is worthy, a rollercoaster driven by blindness, looking for kindness, in a world, that looks different from your world”

Over 50 children and young people aged 5 to 22 years, worked on the project within their sessions at the Chuckle House, alongside Chuckle’s resident musician and film-maker Allen.

Allen says

“We came up with a great conceptual project idea for the children at Chuckle to create, to develop a song from their thoughts and ideas, as a way of painting pictures with their words. The children and young people working with the Chuckle team had the opportunity to express their dreams, through art, discussion, and abstract work”

Allen took the lyrics created by the Chuckle Stars and formed the song, and used their artwork to create the animations used within the video.

In the song, lead singer Emily Kent’s fresh and beautiful voice blends with the catchy riff to produce a haunting, atmospheric and emotional song, supported vocally by the Chuckle Stars.

The song and video were previewed at our recent Chuckle Show in October to an audience of over 250 to great acclaim, showcasing the uniqueness of our children and young people, and proving that given the right opportunity, any child can shine.


A Pocketful of Stars will officially be released for download on Wednesday 15th November.

Can’t Wait? Check out the song and video on YouTube now.

Single release will be available for download from various retailers including: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer and Napster, or order a Single CD directly from Chuckle. Funds raised will help continue Chuckle’s ongoing work supporting children and young people with additional needs within Chuckle projects.