Fish Records to bring talents to Eccleshall – Starting in April

Founded by Neil Pearson in February 1999, Fish Records has been trading folk & acoustic music to the general public ever since.

New owner Peter Morgan took over in April 2012. Based in Eccleshall, they ship music worldwide, with around 1 in 5 of their current sales being exported.

Peter told us how it all began

“In 1995 Neil discovered new artists from reading the Dar-list (a Dar Williams discussion group); this led to frustration in trying to get hold of the CDs, which in turn led to the start of Fish Records. In 2012 Neil moved onto new ventures and I took up the reins to continue the tradition.

The nature of the discs we sell means that it’s a niche market, and there’s no way it would work with a traditional shop, as there isn’t a concentrated demand – mail order works perfectly for us.

We also promote and manage artists too, and we’re excited to be showcasing some international talent right here in Eccleshall, with a series of gigs to be held at The Royal Oak.”

Kyshona (from Nashville) with special guest Luke Jackson on 27th April,

5th May – The Remedy Club

2nd June – Bentley Caldwell (from Nashville)

20th June – Blue County (from Nashville)

You can find out all the latest releases and tickets for all events at