Moddershall Oaks Spa Launch NEW Limited Edition Summer Treatments

A Taste of Japan

Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat Launch NEW Limited Edition Summer Treatments

Understanding the importance of true relaxation and indulgence, Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat is inviting its guest to join them in a sensory journey to the orient with the launch of its new limited edition summer treatments, inspired by the natural wellness nation, Japan.

Celebrating the arrival of the sun, guests can inhale the fresh country air in the heart of rural Staffordshire and reach a sense of conjured tranquillity with the specifically designed treatments. Relaxing and reclining in the luxurious outdoor vitality pool, with a glass of fizz, guests can soak up the rays from the British summer sun, all while enjoying the new treatments. Guests will leave feeling radiant, rejuvenated and ready to embrace Britain’s sensational summer.

Yuzu, Beetroot and Watermelon Scrub

Reminiscent of beachy sunsets and zesty cocktails, this fresh and invigorating body scrub is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth skin and stimulate circulation. Japanese Yuzu provides a fragrant citrus aroma, while the sweet notes of watermelon awakens the senses. Harnessing the power of beetroot, one of the most antioxidant rich vegetables to protect against harmful free radicals, the treatment delivers a hit of antioxidants to the skin, providing iron and essential vitamins to purify and brighten the body. The use of Grape Seed Oil means that the treatment is perfect even for those with the most sensitive skin. Peach Kernel Oil which is rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acids protects the skin by supporting a normal barrier function and preventing water loss.

The treatment begins with a foot cleanse to ensure that the hips and legs are relaxed. Deep breathing techniques are then used by Moddershall Oaks’ expert therapists to ensure the mind is ready for relaxation. This is followed by a full body brush to bring the blood to the skin and remove dead skin cells prior to application of the scrub. On application an in depth body scrub using the product is actioned before the treatment is finished with a relaxing scalp massage.

Jasmine, Green Tea and Chamomile Hair Therapy with Relaxing Shoulder and Neck Massage

Free of chemicals, SLS and parabens, the Jasmine, Green Tea and Chamomile Hair Therapy treatment is perfect for those with a sensitive scalp. Designed to strengthen and moisturise lacklustre hair, the treatment combines the use of vitamin E, green tea, chamomile and jasmine to swaddle the hair in a purifying, restorative and hydrating hair and scalp rescue blend. Known to stimulate hair growth, green tea contains polyphenols and vitamins E & C to give the hair a boost while the use of natural vitamin E seals in moisture, tackling dryness while keeping it conditioned, smooth and strong.

Beginning the treatment with a relaxing foot cleanse ritual and breathing techniques, guests are transported into a world of tranquillity. A relaxing massage to the décolleté, shoulders and neck follows, using a calming essential oil to infuse the treatment room with soothing aromas. The hair therapy is then applied gently from the roots to the tips before an expert head massage ensures the treatment soaks into the skin and guests leave floating.

All Limited Edition Spring Treatments: 25 minutes | RRP £30.00
All treatments are available May – August 2018