New Burslem charity can help people get back on their feet by offering “sustainable and holistic support.”


People in a point of crisis can gain a lifeline at a new project being set up in the heart of Burslem which is aiming to offer them “sustainable, relationship based and holistic support.”

Number 11, based on Chapel Lane, is set to open its doors for the first time this May after generating over £350,000 worth of funding.

The project aims to help people who are in a point of crisis by providing them with high-quality, sustainable and holistic support. They will offer those who have fallen on hard times a chance to get back on their feet by building relationships and supporting them over the long-term to turn their lives around. The focus is on not just putting a plaster over the problem, but looking to support sustainable change.

Number 11 is the product of a vision shared by two friends, James Adams and Tom Hall. A conversation about levels of depravation in Burslem and the surrounding areas sparked a dream to see a service focused on sustainable change, with relationships right at the core.

Support for the project has grown quickly, and it has gained the funding it needs to get off the ground thanks to several partners including the Methodist Church, members of the public and businesses.

Dave Nixon, Centre Manager for Number 11, said:

“Number 11 was created to acknowledge the many issues facing people in our community. There are an array of services available to address a wide variety of problems, but due to them being under such pressure and being underfunded, people who access these services are often just left with a plaster over the problem, but that is not what we’re about.

“We want to build long-term relationships with people who need help and are in a point of crisis by giving them the chance to reach a place of stability and self-sustainability.

“It could be that someone has run into huge debt problems and doesn’t know where to turn, is suffering family problems, drug or alcohol addiction or is depressed and doesn’t know what to do next.

“Rather than being target driven, we focus on the whole person and how we can support them to a place where they can lead a successful life once more. It is easy for people to fall through the many gaps between support services – our aim is to focus on a model which encourages collaboration and co-operation, working alongside many different partner organisations.

“Once we’re up and running we will have four main services on offer – “Re-build” to support clients to go from a place from chaos to stability, “Re-engage” to help clients move from isolation to inclusion, “Re-skill” to support development of aspirations and “Re-start” which is focussed on supporting clients back into work.”

To begin with, Number 11 will open every Thursday between 10am and 3pm until September. The Chapel Lane building they will call their home includes office space, shower facilities, a pay as you feel café where people can receive a nutritious meal and community support rooms where people can gain one to one support.

Number 11 plans to gradually roll out more and more services as it becomes more established. Aiming to begin opening two days a week from September, and then three days a week from 2019.