Open Gardens in Great Bridgeford

Her off the telly? “Mrs Cobbett, flower seller”

Calling all scarecrow fans, garden nosers and garden showers – this year’s Great Bridgeford’s Scarecrow and Gardens Sunday will be on June 10th from 10 am – 5 pm.

For the past few years, growing numbers of Great Bridgeford residents have opened their gardens to the public. Some have made scarecrows to fundraise for the planters and flowers which beautify the village all year round.

Get stuffed: “Granddad and his dog”?

Says co-ordinator Leslie Longstaff :

“Some of this money has been used to provide a raised bed, planters at the village hall and 750 daffodil bulbs planted on the verges outside the village hall car park which have made such a show this spring.”

If you would like to be involved by opening your garden and/or making a scarecrow, please contact Leslie on 01785 282 582 or email for information and an entry form.