Stone is where the heart is

Stone Traders Group was formed earlier this year by several local Town Centre business owners to meet and discuss ways to improve footfall within Stone Town Centre and build a relationship with Stone Town Council for the good of the Town Centre. Just a few months on and the businesses have a message for the residents and visitors of Stone.

Ed Stant, Secretary of Stone Traders Group would like to tell you a story, and don’t worry, he’s promised to keep it short!

“My family and I moved to Stone 10 years ago after I accepted the role as Golf Course Manager at Trentham Golf Club.

Having lived in Walsall at that time and endured the M6 for several months, we decided to move closer to my work and were drawn by the warmth and charm that Stone has to offer, just as so many others before us.

Forward several years (and another child!) and my wife has a business in the High Street and she and our children love everything about Stone. The children walk to school, my wife enjoys the local community spirit within the Town and the people here are some of the most charming and wonderful people you could ever wish to meet. We love Stone and we could never imagine living anywhere else.

Despite this, much of the feedback of the Town Centre is mixed. Some enjoy the variety of independent shops and make the most of the unique goods sold in Stone. Others are more negative and complain that you can’t get anything, or that It’s too expensive. I think that’s unfair, you can get a wide variety of goods in Stone and there are bargains to be had in many shops, if that’s your thing. There are reasons to be optimistic for the future as we look forward to M&S opening soon, two new shops opening this month; Just Carla and Man A Boot Town, not to mention a brand-new Leisure Centre at Westbridge Park on the horizon.

It’s this positive message we, the business community, Stone Traders Group, want to promote. Having met many business owners during this period one thing is clear; they are hard-working, resilient and above all, passionate about what they do. Our message to you is that we are here, have a lot to offer and at your disposal. Hopefully over the course of this month you will see our brand ‘Stone is where the heart is’ in many of the Town Centre shop fronts.

This positive message is to say we love Stone, we all love Stone and it’s where our heart is. Stone is not alone in facing challenges within its High Street and yes, it is hard out there, but we are up for the challenge, are you?

Stone is where the heart is brand was an idea of David Barrett at Regent Travel, kindly illustrated for Stone Traders Group by Emma Joustra, graphically designed and printed by Panda Press and materials paid for by an anonymous donor, together with several traders.

Thank you to all concerned, you’ve done us proud”

If you see this message in a Town Centre shop, why not pop in and acknowledge it’s been noticed.

Perhaps you might even see something you like whilst inside!