Stone writer’s book in print

Pam Sambrook whose book about the servants of Trentham has just been published.

One of Stone’s established writers, Pam Sambrook, has had a paperback version of her latest book published.

Having researched and written about the history of domestic servants for many years, Pam’s latest contribution concentrates solely on the servants of Trentham in the 1830s.

After a general look at what it was like to be employed by the Dukes of Sutherland, the book moves on to a series of biographies about individuals who ran the house and estate – for example, the three brothers who were recruited from the barren moorlands of Northumberland to run the office and the porters’ lodge, the housekeeper who ended up marrying her boss, the young local lass whose only baby died when a few weeks old, a month before her husband was killed at Beech quarries, but who went on to serve as the Duchess’s lady’s maid for more than 40 years.

There are many such stories of personal triumph and tragedy. If the house at Trentham now seems like a sad ruin, Pam hopes that this book will bring it to vibrant life once more. Pam used to be curator at Shugborough and later worked as a consultant to the National Trust and English Heritage. She researched the material for this book for more than 10 years and is now busy working on a sequel which takes her much further afield than Staffordshire.

‘The Servants’ Story: managing a great country house’ by Pamela Sambrook, is published in paperback by Amberley Press (2018), rrp. £9.99.