West Heath Neighbourhood celebrate 25 years together

The photograph from right to left shows: Harry Brunt who was on the Stone Crime Prevention Panel and instigated the start of the group, Jill Wood the group secretary, Cyril Watts the chairman of the group, Geoff Dutton who was the police crime prevention officer at the time. Geoff was involved with a crime on the estate and he and Harry held a meeting at The Frank Jordon Centre for people to attend from the estate to start off a NW group.

After 25 years keeping neighbours informed of local crimes and telling them about preventative measures, the NW group decided to celebrate by having lunch at The Greyhound at Yarlet.

The group regularly hold meetings at Jill’s house to discuss any crimes or events of interest to members.

Other members of the group are Joe Wood, Marshall Malpass, Kath Tunstall, Christine & Geoff Dutton and Marion Brunt.

Two members Kath Turner and Fred Law have retired but take an interest in the local affairs.