Guides are all smiles for Mombasa school project

A team of Girl Guides from Stone Outward Division will be travelling to Kididima near Mombasa, Kenya, in October this year to continue work in building a school to accommodate up to 300 children.

The ‘Smile5’ team comprises 21 members of the Girlguiding Association, made up of 15 girls aged between 14 and 16 and six adult leaders. The group will be continuing the work started in 2012 and continued in 2014 projects.

The girls will be painting, developing the school and supporting the children’s educational needs to secure the success of Kididima School. Without this project, the children would not have a school to go to. They will also be helping to build a library for the school, which will help the children develop, and allow them the opportunity to read many story books. Along with all the building work the team will also be helping run summer schools for the children, including games and crafts etc.

Girlguiding Stone Outward Division’s continuing support of Kididima gives the girls the opportunity to experience at first-hand what it is like to work and live in a third world country. The children living in this deprived area of Mombasa have a future made possible by young people from Stone. None of this could be made possible without the help and support of fundraisers helping everyone involved reach their targets.

Each member has a target of £2,000 to raise for the project. They have been running cakes sales, sponsored static bike rides, race nights, bingo nights, stalls and much more, and have many more upcoming events, which can be found on their Facebook page or website. Further information can be found at or