Smokers given chance to avoid a World Cup own goal

Council Enforcement Officer Katie McKinney with the new bin

A council has come up with a novel World Cup anti-litter initiative to stop Stafford getting Messi.

Smokers will be encouraged to cast their votes on the performance of the England Football Team using…cigarette butts – in a bid to stop the litter situation becoming Dier.

Stafford Borough Council has put up a cigarette butt ballot box bin on the wall of the town’s Civic Centre. The bin poses the question: “Will England do well in Russia” – and has two slots for people to put their cigarette ends in – one for yes and the other for no.

In the last year more than 170 people have been fined or taken to court for discarding rubbish in the borough (many from Stone) – with the majority of litter being cigarette butts. Money from the fines is spent on helping tackle environmental issues.

In 2017, businesses and organisations signed up to pledge their support to the authority’s goal of keeping the area clean.

Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said:

“I’m hoping the ‘yes’ slot will be the most popular – but anything that will help reduce the amount of butts we see littering our streets has got to be a winner.

“A clean borough attracts people and businesses to the area which is good for the economy. So we would rather work with our communities to keep it clean – but will not hesitate to fine or prosecute those who don’t.”

The borough council say they will keep people updated with the results of the cigarette ballot.

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