Celebrating 30 years of Stone Lions Mobility Scheme

Celebrating 30 years of Stone Lions Mobility Scheme

In 1988, Stone Lions Club was approached to ask if they could help a local man who was experiencing mobility problems and decided to help him with the purchase of a mobility scooter. Little did they realise that this generous act would initiate the birth of their Mobility Scheme, which is now helping in excess of 150 local residents!

Over the last 30 years, Stone Lions have provided mobility aids to numerous people, using equipment either received by donation from members of the public or purchased locally. With the help of Disable Aids in Cannock, who are on hand to help with servicing and repairs where necessary, their fleet of over 75 scooters is helping improve the lives of many with impaired mobility.

The 30th anniversary of the Mobility Scheme was thought too important an occasion to ignore and Stone Lions decided that a bit of a party was needed! Around 35 invited guests enjoyed tea and cakes provided by members of the Club and other supporters.

Lion Mike Ward MBE, who has been responsible for the organisation and administration of the scheme since its   inception, shared several memories with guests during the afternoon. He remarked that it had been a privilege to meet so many interesting people during his time as Mobility Coordinator, and very gratifying to realise the difference it had made in helping retain the independence of so many people.

Sadly, Lion Mike has decided that it is now time to hand over the reins of the Scheme to others and has announced plans for his ‘retirement’. The members of Stone Lions Club would like to thank him for his hard work over the last 30 years and reassure users of the scheme that it will continue to support them in the coming years.

If you need the assistance of Stone Lions with any mobility issues, please call 07929 010152