Council Support for Bus Services

Stone Town Council has opened discussions regarding a replacement bus service to meet the needs of residents isolated by the withdrawal of County Council support to a number of former D&G bus routes.

The Council are planning to sponsor a trial of four, once a week services between the town centre and each of the Aston Lodge, Stonefields, Walton and Cherryfields areas. If the services are well used, the Town Council expects to be able to continue funding them in the longer term. More details will be made available once discussions are further advanced.

Councillor Rob Kenney, Chairman of the Council’s General Purposes Committee said:

“The withdrawal of these bus services has left residents worried about being stranded in their homes, without the opportunity to go in to Stone to shop, get their hair done, attend medical appointments or even socialise. I hope that by introducing and funding these new services, the Town Council will be able to restore mobility to those in the town who are most badly affected.”