Police HQ sale will support policing across the County

Staffordshire’s Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, Matthew Ellis, today confirmed the 16-acre former Staffordshire Police headquarters site in Stafford has been officially sold.

Developers, Bellway, have bought the site for £15million, before contributions to affordable housing, community infrastructure and other costs.

The net receipt of £10.3million is almost £3million more than the proposals inherited by Mr Ellis which he scrapped soon after being elected.

He said:

‘The news today has taken longer than I hoped, but the issues I found back in 2013 were significant and complex.

‘I wanted a bigger sale price and the right development for the local area.

‘We’ve ended up with an excellent deal for the public purse, a far superior development and more money to support the development of policing across Staffordshire.”