Time Is Running Out To Apply For Stone Festival disbursements – apply this week!

With this year’s marvellous and truly successful festival now over, the committee are in the process of collating the monies raised by the kind generosity of the people of Stone and surrounding locations. This is always a great time because it is when they begin the assessment of local groups’ requests for monetary support over the coming year.

Each year the committee aims to distribute monies raised to the most worthy of local causes, to those providing services for the young, the old, to those with life challenges and to those groups that make a tangible difference to all of our lives locally and who have little or no funding from elsewhere.

It really is about trying to make a difference to these organisations in helping local people and so now is the time for you to  put your proposals forward; the Festival Committee would love to hear from you if you are one of these organisations.

So how can you be considered? It’s easy, just send in your request, explaining what your group is, who you serve in the community, what you would like the money to go towards and the positive impact such monies would have on your group.

Send your request to either info@stonefestival.co.uk or grahame@octavarium.co.uk by Friday, August 17.

The disbursements will then be agreed and issued at the AGM in September 2018. Good luck – the Stone Festival Committee looks         forward to receiving your information.