amb insurance and Alice Charity launch People’s Pantry Foodbank Box for local businesses

amb insurance, based in Wolstanton, is launching a re-usable foodbank box on behalf of Newcastle-based Alice Charity.

The boxes, designed by amb insurance and titled Alice Boxes, are being handed out to local businesses where they are stored in their offices or staff rooms. Once full, Alice Charity will collect them. Presently, donations are given to the People’s Pantry, a foodbank set up by Alice Charity. The move aims to encourage more regular donations by eliminating the need to make specific trips to the foodbank.

Peter Lycett-Williams, Operations Director for amb insurance, devised the idea after using a makeshift Amazon box in the amb staffroom for the same purpose.

‘I thought it would be a fantastic way to encourage local businesses to donate regularly to the People’s Pantry. An extra item at the supermarket, a bag of rice, pasta or a tin of something from each employee’s cupboard once or twice a month and the box would soon be full”,

Lycett-Williams remarked.

The Alice Box is a sturdy box able to withstand the weight of many food donations, and can be easily replaced if damaged. Information about Alice Charity, ideal food donations and contact details can also be found on the box which makes donating that one bit easier.

People’s Pantry encourages donations in which a meal can be made from. For example, dried pasta, a tin of tomatoes, sweetcorn and tuna make a quick and simple tuna pasta. Ideally, donations need to be more than simply a tin of beans. Those donating are politely asked they give with a meal plan in mind, much to the appreciation of Alice Charity, People’s Pantry and, of course, those in need of the donations.

People’s Pantry helps support vulnerable families. It works differently to other foodbanks in that it has no referral system in place, so it’s open every day to any family which needs food.

amb insurance is an independent insurance broker based in Wolstanton, Newcastle under Lyme. It supports local charities and promotes a different, more ethical approach to insurance.

If you are interested in obtaining an Alice Box for your workplace, please contact amb insurance via