Oulton Couple celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Robert and Pamela arrive at their anniversary party held in the The Wheatsheaf, Oulton village.

In 1956, two young people from two different counties, met and became engaged. Two years later they were married on Saturday 23rd of August 1958.

Robert Sinclair travelled from his home in Cheadle, to the town of Hale in Cheshire to meet his bride Pamela Davies who was to change her name, and her life, in St Peter’s Church in Hale. A honeymoon in Spain was arranged at the expense of Robert selling his beloved MG car – a wrench which he has never forgotten!

After the traditional Wedding breakfast with over 50 family members and friends in attendance, they left by train, for the journey to Spain via an overnight stay in London. That was quite an adventure for two young people in their early 20s.

On their return they moved to their new home in Stafford, later moving to another house nearby, where their first son was born in September 1960. Throughout the 1960s they raised their three sons, John, Chris and Peter and one daughter, Diane. Their offspring later went on to provide further numbers to the family tree, as by 2014, Pam and Robert had five grandsons, one granddaughter and one great grandson.  They looked back to the pre-retirement years when Robert worked for the Wedgwood Group at Barlaston for over 20 years, and later as a lecturer at the Staffordshire University.

Pam, for the first 14 years of married life was a stay-at-home mother, then in the 1980s for some years she was a school secretary and published writer. The couple moved to Oulton in 1974, where they still live today. This August the couple, now in their 80s, celebrated their 60th (Diamond) anniversary.

Robert (aged about 21) with his beloved MG bought in the 1950s  – and which would, today, be worth a fortune!

On the afternoon of 12th August, a festive party was held with all their family and friends in The Wheatsheaf Inn in Oulton, for a very pleasant time spent reminiscing about the years gone by. A homemade slideshow entertained them as they enjoyed their evening drinks with much laughter, and memories flooding back, as old photos of past times appeared on the screen. The Wheatsheaf team made them very welcome, and kept them well supplied with good food and drink.

To add to the pleasure of the recent occasions spent with their family, a message was to be sent to the happy couple, from The Queen at Buckingham Palace. This was arranged as a surprise by family members. This was to be one more happy memory, after eight decades, to keep in the family archives.