Stone Lions agreed “It’s lovely weather for ducks”

Stone Lions Club Annual Duck Race took place on Saturday, June 30, and for once the worry was not “will it be too wet to do the race?” but

“will there be enough water in the river for the ducks to float?”.

After having to replace the race with a raffle for the last couple of years due to river conditions making it unsafe and an arson attack destroying all but a handful of ducks, it was with great relief that those running the event awoke to bright sunshine and a cloudless sky.

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club were holding an annual competition over the weekend and the duck race took part during the lunchtime break, which meant that there were many more spectators than usual to spur on the ducks. The canoe club supplied canoeists to help, and low water levels, together with sweltering temperatures, provided a number of children with a ready-made excuse to jump in and help remove dawdling ducks at the end of the race.

All in all, a most excellent event with the new ducks behaving perfectly.

The winning ducks were numbers 404, 825, 809, 208, 526 and 397 and all winners have been notified and prizes distributed.

Stone Lions Club would like to thank the Canoe Club for their help, which was invaluable, and all who supported the race by buying tickets.

A fantastic grand total of £1,231.50 was raised and this will be used to provide support to local charities and good causes over the coming months.

If you would like to find out more about Stone Lions Club, and how they make a difference in the community, please contact them on 0845 833 8478.

You could be there, helping them, during next year’s race!