Barlaston Herons meet inspirational some guide dogs

Barlaston Heron’s meeting in Septemer, welcomed two speakers, both called Alison, along with guide dogs Elmo and Farley.

Farley used to be a working guide dog and is now retired but helps to keep Alison company.

She runs the ‘My Guide’ charity which trains volunteers to support people and their families affected by vision impairment. This support can be guiding people, giving guide dogs free running time or supporting in the processes before having a guide dog. T

hey are a life-saving service and are on the lookout for new volunteers as demand is high.

Alison has Elmo as her guide dog and she gave an honest and open account of her journey and told how Elmo has changed her life; before having him she was scared to leave the house for many years.

She highlighted the training both human and dog needed. It was a touching and uplifting evening and both the dogs and their owners were an inspiration.