Debut Titles from local Authors

Watercolours of the Staffordshire Countryside – John Beard

For many a year, pursuing the art of watercolour painting, attending art school and gaining practical and theoretical knowledge of the technicalities of using the difficult medium and becoming more adept, the idea of writing and illustrating a watercolour book was something I aspired to, and using these skills to reveal the beauty of the Staffordshire countryside, I wanted to portray this in landscape paintings, by adapting a limited palette.

Being a Staffordshire lad, at an early age, exploring the countryside close by to his county town, Stafford, the natural, beautiful living countryside that he loves dearly, inspired him to capture the changing environment in watercolour.

Watercolours of the Staffordshire Countryside by John Beard is available on and

Paperback ISBN 9781788789677 RRP: £16.99


Sport’s Perfect, but so’s P.I. – Sean McCumisky

Sam enjoyed a successful career as a Private Investigator; his reputation preceded him. Though not unsociable, he seldom crossed paths with old friends. This was soon to change when he encountered an old flame and her brother. Her brother was ambitious, a successful sportsman. The only problem was that someone was trying to sabotage him, regardless of the consequences. Could Sam get to the bottom of this and solve the case before serious harm could be done? Only by breaking the rules, swallowing his pride and taking the case from someone he’d always had a soft spot for, would he find out.

Sean lives in Lichfield, Staffordshire, enjoying extensive countryside, walking and cycling. A deeply enthusiastic, sportsperson to say the least, he loves to travel to sports events – tennis, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, motorsports and, of course, football. Holidays of all kinds come a close second. The most recent find being Bansko, Bulgaria…a hidden gem for the skier in you and many walking trails along mountain slopes. He also enjoys spending family time with nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles, parents and grandparents, as well as friends.

Sport’s Perfect, but so’s P.I. by Sean McCumisky is available on and

Paperback ISBN 9781788239158 RRP: £10.99

Hardback ISBN 9781788239165 RRP: £14.99

Kindle Ebook ISBN 9781788239172 RRP: £3.50