Book signing at Fulford Village Hall Christmas Fair  – Saturday December 1

Steven Bosworth with his debut novel ‘Betrayal’.

Steven Bosworth, who lives in Fulford, has had his first novel published through London-based Austin Macauley and will be signing copies of his book at Fulford Village Hall Christmas Fair.

Steven had the idea for the main character, Dean Nash, more than 20 years ago and wasn’t planning to publish the novel, but friends and family convinced him that the storyline was worth sharing, so he started writing in 2010.  The debut novel ‘The Betrayal’, has taken him around three years to complete, including all the final editing.

Steven, an engineering manager, was working in Pune, India, on a three year secondment for his previous employer JCB, and saw this time as an opportunity to write down some notes, but he quickly realised that a computer was needed for all the ideas.

Steven’s novel centres on Dean Nash who feels that something is missing from his life. One day he is invited to a night club and suddenly everything changes after meeting the owner Nick Burns. Nash is involved in a robbery masterminded by Burns and  soon begins to grasp every opportunity following instructions from his new mentor.

Their actions quickly fall under investigation by a government agency headed by Jon Wagstaff. Nash not only has the fear of Wagstaff around every corner, but also enters into a journey of self-awareness of a past he knows nothing about. Nash’s best friend Shaun Neal is completely unaware of Nash’s involvement in the robbery.

Steven will be signing books at Fulford Village Hall Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 1, from 1pm.

His book can be purchased on the day or via Amazon Prime at the price of £12.99 for the paperback, or £3.50 for the Kindle version.

Originally from Trentham, Steven now 44 years old, moved to Fulford 20 years ago and runs a successful business as a consultant contractor for Bentley Motor cars. He continues to write the second and third storylines to complete the trilogy.