Fundraising Brownies put in bags of effort for mountain rescuers

Bag packing at Morrisons

2nd Stone Brownies recently took part in a bag packing day at Morrisons to raise money for Brownie funds and for a cause very close to Brown Owl’s heart, the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue team.

A year ago Brownie Leader Helen Whetnall was taking part in the Coast to Coast walk with her husband Tony when she fell during the second day and broke her leg badly.

She was extremely lucky to be rescued by 14 amazing volunteers, the mountain rescue men from Cockermouth, who were reassuring and professional, and relieved Helen of pain.

They strapped her comfortably on a stretcher that was carried to the top of the mountain where a helicopter then picked Helen up and took her to Carlisle Hospital.

The Brownies spent a Sunday packing bags at Morrisons and enjoyed helping customers and chatting to them.

The customers repaid them generously, raising a total of £640 which was split equally between Brownies and Cockermouth Mountain Rescue team.

Helen and her husband Tony paid a special visit to the CMR Centre to thank her rescuers and to present the cheque on behalf of 2nd Stone Brownies.

Helen Whetnall thanks her rescuers at Cockermouth Mountain Rescue