St. Dominic’s Priory School rebuild

• Before

In February this year the Gazette reported on St. Dominic’s Priory School’s rebuild plans for this academic year. The school has always had a close and historic affiliation with the local community, and those who have not had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful school before are often surprised as to what a hidden gem, we as a little town, have behind their boundary walls. The current grounds occupy approximately 3 acres, a large footprint of Stone.


• And after

Phase 1 of the £4.5 million project was completed this month, comprising a new ‘School House’ which was previously known as Beech House on Station Road. The house has been converted from a residential home, to  offices for the school administration team, along with Mrs Harrison Headteacher and the new Deputy, Head Mrs Hesp.

The property has been opened up at the rear so it is now encompassed within the school site, as it now also homes the school office,  ‘senior after school club’ and the school Library.


• Before

The Car park has also been completed as part of their phase 1 project,  and is now contained in one area to accommodate its parent community, alongside the staff and their expanding Minibus fleet.


• And after

Phase 2 of the development commences this month on the three story-teaching block on the front of the canal.

Students, parents and staff are all looking forward to the completion of the site development works, The Gazette caught up with a few of them to ask their thoughts….

Head Girl Ava Stacey told us

‘It will be great to see the new science labs.’

Grace Ellam in Year 9 said

‘St. Dominic’s is fab already, however it will be amazing to have classrooms much closer together and I can’t wait to see the Art Room.’

Ciaran Knapper in Primary 6 explained

‘I’m excited as my year group we will be the first of the prep children going into seniors to be in the new building.’

Holly Joyner in Year 9 added

‘The changes are going to be exciting and interesting.’

One parent told us

‘My children will be taught in new and modern facilities with centralised and easily accessible classrooms, it’s going to be great.’

   Another parent added 

‘Having a much larger car park on site is making life so much easier for parents and has the added benefit regarding the safety of the children.’