Stone Festival 2019 gathers momentum


June 2019 might seem a long way away but already the  Committee have commenced their plans for next years Festival, celebrating 50 years of bringing fun, laughter and help to the community of Stone and surrounding villages.

The first change you will start to see is our logo which has been redesigned by Tim Joyce and is now encircled with the words “Celebrating 50 years of fun and fundraising”  the emphasis for which we are hugely proud of.

A whole host of new  events are being planned for 2019 to run in tandem with our existing programme, and things kick off on November 30th with the Fret & Fiddle Christmas Concert at Christ Church which is always a great event and one that is continuing to gather momentum each year, so why not start your festive period off this year with a night of wonderful music, in a wonderful setting and at only £10 per ticket, its great value too.

One of celebratory items we are seeking for 2019 is to assemble as many people as possible who were associated with the original Stone Festival in 1969 so Were you part of the original Festival  Fun in some way? Were you on a float perhaps or were you a dancer, a musician? If so we would love to bring you all together in some way on Carnival Day in June 2019 as a celebration of 50 years and try and recapture your moments of glory all those years ago.

2019 Carnival will have a Golden 50 flavour to it so if you are already thinking of participating then we will release more information over the coming weeks, but plenty of Gold and themes around 50 years and 1969, will be prevalent .

Some events in 2019 like Soapbox, Raft Race and the Dog Steeplechase for example, we would like to maintain the 50 theme and if we can muster 50 teams participating in these events it would be a truly fabulous way in celebrating this wonderful milestone!

We are keen, if you are interested, to have more volunteers work with us in what is set to be a really busy and great year in 2019.

So if you fancy giving up just a few hours to be a real part of the events in 2019, please drop me a line at  – we would be delighted to have you aboard.


Look out for more news coming out from the Committee both here in the Gazette and on our website