The future of shopping comes to Stone and Eccleshall

The future of shopping is here already…

Imagine a world… where you can visit a website from your phone, laptop or tablet, then order anything you could possibly need from a local convenience store, from bread to kitchen rolls, chocolate to cigarettes and alcohol, but, and here’s the really clever bit, as soon you press the order button it’s delivered, direct to your door, within the hour!

Welcome to is the brainchild of Stone resident Jason Jones, who’s recognised a need for some shoppers that may shop ‘out of hours’ or perhaps sometimes struggle to get out to the shops at all.

Jason told the Gazette

“We’ve been trading for four months now and it’s really taking off. Whether you hate grocery shopping, you’re just too busy, or maybe elderly, or perhaps a parent who’s unable to just ‘pop out’ and leave the children for 10 minutes to get the “essentials” we are here FOR YOU.

If you’re in need of groceries but don’t want the hassle of going out in the cold and making the trip – let us bring your items to you. We sell a great range of essentials that you can view and easily place on your order on the website.

Also if there’s something you want, that’s not currently listed on our site you can email or call us and we’ll do our utmost to stock it and add it to your order.

We practice ‘Challenge 25’ our representative may ask to see ID for alcohol and tobacco sales. For security reasons we are a cashless business, with no pre-payment, you just pay with any major card upon delivery, we offer contactless payment too.

Shoptothedoor is very much in its infancy, based right here in Stone, our plan is to expand nationally, but with Stone remaining our epicentre. We’re currently trialling our full launch in Stone and the surrounding areas to see if one day, in the not so distant future, this is how everybody will shop, conveniently!

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress of shopping – we promise to deliver with a smile, and within the hour! ”

Orders between 4pm and 10pm are delivered within the hour. No delivery fee.

To see what we have on offer, or to place your first order with us visit

Not on the internet? You can still order from us on our Orderline – 07586 938060 – bewteen 4pm – 10pm every day!