Launch of the beermat SAME campaign at the Royal Exchange pub in Stone. Area Manager Andy Turner with Manager Michelle Hughes and SFRS Brad Robbins

As part of its re-launch of the SAME campaign, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has teamed up with Titanic Brewery.

SAME Again aims to raise awareness of the four factors that increase the chances of someone dying in a fire. These are smoking, alcohol, mobility issues and being elderly. The campaign urges people not only to look out for their own welfare but also that of their friends and families, too.

As alcohol is one of the fatal fire factors, the Service has partnered with Staffordshire-based brewery, Titanic to get the message across by distributing 250 beer mats across its seven pubs. Each will bear the SAME Again branding to raise awareness of them.

Director of Prevent and Protect, Glynn Luznyj said:

“People can’t always see the connection between alcohol and fatal fires. The problem is alcohol impairs your judgement. It also makes you fall asleep. The problems often come when someone who’s been drinking comes back and wants to start cooking. If they switch on the cooker and then fall asleep it’s almost inevitable a fire will start and they won’t be aware they need to get out. It only takes a few breaths for someone to be overcome by smoke inhalation and then there’s little hope of them surviving.

“By developing the beer mats for Titanic Brewery we’re hoping to get the message to people who need it, while they’re having a drink. Nearly 40 per cent of people who died in fatal fires were regular drinkers and in a number of cases alcohol was a contributing factor as to why the fire started. With the party season coming up, we want people to stay safe which is why we’re putting out this message now.”