We’re not going to drown in plastic!

The SWAPP pickers ready for action.

The BBC recently aired the shocking documentary ‘Drowning in Plastic’ and many people were rightly horrified at the scale of plastic pollution around the world. It is a problem that affects us all; we now know that micro plastics are entering the food chain and are present in the water we       drink, but the biggest problem is being experienced by our planet’s magnificent wildlife and it’s time we all said enough is enough, let’s turn this plastic tap off!

Stone and Walton against Plastic Pollution (SWAPP) have been getting this message out in the town for some time and the group wants us to do everything we can to help reduce the impact of plastic pollution.

The solution isn’t just about picking up litter, stopping people from dropping litter, getting companies and organisations to stop using single-use plastics, changing our own habits, manufacturers ensuring all plastics are recyclable or governments enforcing a change to more sustainable practices – it is about ALL these things. It’s not an easy task but human endeavour is a magnificent thing.

Tracey cleans up under the bridge by the river

SWAPP recently spent just one and a half hours cleaning along the river by Westbridge Park and the Crown Meadow. The rubbish collected was staggering – 18 bags, mostly plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans, sadly the very items that can be recycled.

If you wish to join the group, help with litter picks, get more information or just chat to like-minded folk, then contact SWAPP by email to swapplitterfree@outlook.com

Find the group on Facebook: SWAPP Litter Free Project.