Celebrating 20 years of improving people’s posture in Stone

Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards have been helping people to improve their relationship with gravity at the Ishta Centre in Stone since 1998!

They became the European tutors in this technique and have trained other practitioners to be able to incorporate Core Postural Alignment into their practices too. A brand new training course has just been released.

Sue and Allyn told us

” Our approach is based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion which works on the premise that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – if gravity is pulling us down towards the centre of the Earth, then there must be an equal and opposite force pushing us away from it, and it’s called the Ground Reaction Force. If the relationship between gravity and the Ground Reaction Force is optimal, then they will balance each other out and the body appears to be ‘weightless’. That person will be upright with ease, poise and grace.

When this happens, the body uses the least amount of resources to hold itself upright. We refer to this as efficiency. The more efficient the posture is, then the less resources the body needs to expend to stay upright. When gravity and the Ground Reaction Force are ideally balanced, we say the body has a Physiological Efficient Posture. In the Physiological Efficient Posture the body is then able to use those released resources to return itself to a state of balance and harmony. When the Physiological Efficient Posture is lost, the body is pushed into a state of stress, in which all the bodily systems have to work that much harder to maintain an adaptive balance. From Sue and Allyn’s observations of people they see that many of them are not upright with ease, poise and grace so there must be some sort of disconnect between these two forces.

This disconnect was first discovered in 1914 by Dr John Hurley DC.

Over the next 15 years he identified two anatomical points which, when correctly aligned with each other, allowed for the optimal balancing of gravity with the Ground Reaction Force. This is now referred to as the Primary Alignment. Dr Hurley, together with Dr Helen Sanders DC, developed a simple way to assess the Primary Alignment and, if deranged, a gentle way to restore it using just fingertip pressure. Once the Primary Alignment is restored the body can return to a more Physiological Efficient Posture, reducing the amount of stress on the body.

Since 1929 Hurley and Sanders’ original technique has gone through several refinements and name changes. Sue and Allyn became the European tutors of this work in 1998. Since then they have been using, teaching, experimenting and refining this technique in the light of a more modern understanding of anatomy and physiology. Core Postural Alignment is the most recent incarnation of this technique.

Why not come to the Ishta Centre and see how Core Postural Alignment can help you.”

Sue and Allyn help to improve the wellness of people from the very young to the elderly with everyone in between. The technique is very gentle, using only fingertip pressure and is very relaxing to receive. For further information visit www.ishtacentre.co.uk


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