Commissioner praises emergency services

Staffordshire’s Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime Commissioner

Staffordshire’s Commissioner Matthew Ellis has backed the county’s emergency services to rise to the challenges awaiting them in 2019.

Mr Ellis also praised their work during the last 12 months.

The Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, said:

‘As we enter the New Year, leaving the festivities behind us, there’s little doubt that our country faces some uncertainties.

‘What is certain, is that the dedicated men and women of Staffordshire’s emergency services will be there when we need them. My experience of both policing, and more recently of the fire and rescue service, is that all too often ‘being there’ stretches to going beyond the call of duty.

‘As society changes, sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worse, and as the challenges our emergency service are faced with evolve, I know they will adapt and they will change to meet any challenge head on.

‘The coming year will be no different and the response of the professionals in policing and the fire service, as well as all the services that keep us safe and well, will be to adapt and to change as they always do.

‘In uncertain times, at least we can be certain of that. Thank you to all of them and a Happy New Year to all.’