Eccleshall’s designer to the stars, Christopher Shellis, of House Of Borgezie, has returned to the limelight with his latest creations.

Christopher reached international fame in recent years when he created the worlds first authentic solid 18ct gold and diamond stilettos, Eternal Diamond Stilettos and Constellation Diamond Stilettos, all made in solid gold and diamonds, but this time its time for the men!

So if you’re stuggling to find the perfect present for the man in your life let us introduce the totally unique House Of Borgezie “EMPIRE DIAMOND BROGUES”

Christopher has embellished these brogues with 68 sparkling diamonds, totalling over  3 carats in diamond weight. Plus, all fittings are solid hallmarked 18 carat gold; this includes gold diamond tipped shoe laces.

The brogues also has a very special feature of a  solid 18 carat gold insole that enables the owner the luxury of always “walking upon solid 18ct gold “.

Another unique feature that Christopher has used is Roman technology from over 2000 ago, by inserting phosphor bronse rods in the exact configuration as the original Roman and gladiator sandals deep into the sole of the brogues.

This use of metal incorporated into the sole was used by all Roman gladiators and soldiers on their footwear
enabling not only massive longevity, but also strength during battle along with regular 25 mile in one day route marches.

With this special feature of the Diamond Empire Brogue, if rotated with other footwear the shoe has the potential to last a life time, however if the shoes are cosmetically damaged or worn, all the diamonds and gold fitting can be easily transferred to a new pair of brogues at a cost of £600, enabling the owner a lifetime of pure luxury. This can be easily done by post globally, and as its well known fact, ”a man is always judged by the shoes he is wearing.“

Designed and created by Christopher Shellis in collaboration with the finest gentleman’s shoemakers established since 1873. See more at