Adam Jones with his family, mum Heather, wife Claire, daughter Gracie, 7 and son Addison, 4 with CFO Becci Bryant

A firefighter from Chase Terrace has been commended by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for his actions at a traffic collision while off duty.

On Saturday September 22 2018, Adam Jones of Chase Terrace was on his way to the service Open Day at headquarters in Stone when he came across a serious head on car crash on the A51 just outside Hixon, by the railway bridge.

Adam got out of his car and administered first aid and advice for several minutes until the duty crew from Stafford arrived at the scene. He then grabbed his fire kit from his car and assisted with the extrication of the casualties. After all the casualties had been freed and the incident had concluded he drove to headquarters and took part in the practical demonstrations for members of the public who were at the event.

Chief Fire Officer Becci Bryant, who presented him with his commendation, said:

“Adam’s actions were a credit to the Service and he conducted himself in a professional manner. He wasn’t on operational duty at the time, and, to all intents and purposes, he was just another motorist. However, I’m really pleased that his training kicked in and he took charge of things until the crew arrived.

“It makes me proud to know that we have people like Adam in the Service and that they will step forward and do the right thing when it’s needed.”

Adam was joined by his family and friends at a presentation event at Fire Service HQ in Stone.