Plastic Free Stone Initiative – could you make a plastic free New Year’s Resolution?

Many towns across the UK have begun to tackle the issue of plastic pollution by aiming to become a ‘Plastic Free Community’. This does not mean that plastics are banned, but a recognition that individuals, the Council, businesses and community groups can come together and contribute to the global crisis of plastic pollution and in particular single-use plastic.

Surfers Against Sewage is a UK charity and has created a framework to tackle the avoidable use of single-use plastics and to help towns achieve this has created #plasticfreecommunities, so far 418 communities have signed up to the scheme. Stone has registered in the scheme and has begun a journey to plastic free status.

The idea of a Plastic Free Community initiative should help to reduce the increasing use of single-use plastic that is blighting our lives, that litters our town and harms our wildlife on a daily basis. An initiative like this in Stone would have real benefits for businesses, tourism, a reduction in littering and creating a healthier environment for people and wildlife.

So what is the scheme and how can people get involved?

The scheme provides help and a framework to take a community to plastic free status by encouraging the council, businesses, schools and groups to agree to remove three items of single-use plastic or more and making an effort to use alternatives readily available. Other activities involved are: litter picks, supermarket plastic unwraps and information events.

People can get involved by:

1/Reducing their own single-use plastic use; the main offenders being plastic bags, bottles, cups, cutlery, straws and stirrers, balloons, take away food packaging, condiment sachets and bathroom plastics.

2/Asking your business/workplace/school/church/group if they can make three plastic swaps

3/Joining in on litter picks

4/Speaking to your favourite café/bar/pub/take away and asking if they can remove or replace plastic straws or forks for example

5/Support the initiative by talking to other people about single-use plastic

6/Look out for information throughout the coming year

Stone has businesses, groups and schools that have already agreed to join in and help to reduce their use of single-use plastic. Together people and towns like our across the country and the world can turn the tide on plastics. It is a sad fact that a material made to last forever is being used, on average, for 12 minutes and then discarded into the environment.

SWAPP litter group founder Tracey Lindop has registered the town for the initiative and SWAPP will be starting the year with a New Year Clean Up on Sunday 6th January meeting at 10am by the Stone Canoe Club car park.


If you wish to join the group, join in on litter picks, get more information or just join in by chatting to like-minded folk, then contact SWAPP on:

Email: Tracey Lindop on:

Facebook: SWAPP Litter Free Project:

To find more information, follow these links below: