Stone Holidaymaker Calls On Lawyers After Being Hospitalised By Gran Canaria Illness ‘Nightmare’

Demand For Answers Regarding Problems At Riu Vistamar

A holidaymaker who was hospitalised after developing serious gastric illness symptoms towards the end of a stay at a holiday resort on Gran Canaria earlier this year has called on specialist lawyers to help him gain answers regarding the illness he suffered.

Aaron Merry, 26, from Stone in Staffordshire, fell ill on the penultimate day of his week-long stay at the ClubHotel Riu Vistamar in Amadores, Las Palmas in June 2018, with symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting emerging as he attempted to enjoy a boat excursion. The holiday was booked with TUI UK Limited.

Nearly six months on from the ordeal, Aaron is continuing to suffer with symptoms and he has now instructed Irwin Mitchell’s specialist holiday illness team to investigate his holiday and help him gain answers regarding how the illness emerged.

The legal experts have vast experience in providing advice and support to victims of illness at holiday resorts and on cruise ships across the globe.

Nichola Blackburn, a specialist illness expert at Irwin Mitchell who is representing Aaron, said:

“We are hugely concerned by the first-hand account provided to us by our client regarding his holiday and have already commenced investigations into what he faced.

“His story is sadly like a huge number we come across every day, with victims developing long-term health problems as a result of gastric illness issues which they have experienced while on holiday.

“Such issues should never be downplayed and we are determined to ensure that he can get the answers and justice he deserves regarding his illness nightmare.

“With this in mind, we are determined to fully understand the nature of the problems that Aaron has faced and help him get the answers he deserves regarding the illness he suffered.  As part of our investigations we would like to hear from other guests who may have information about conditions at the hotel this summer.”

Aaron’s all-inclusive holiday at the Riu Vistamar resort, started on June 14th. He was coming towards the end of the break when he started to feel unwell.

Aaron recalled to his legal team that on occasions the food was undercooked, and that he saw fresh food being place on top of old food.

He recalled:

“I woke up on June 20th feeling a little queasy but had breakfast and decided to continue with the planned boat excursion. However, shortly after the boat left the dock I started to feel unwell. I spoke to the captain about turning around but he refused to do this.

“I basically had to spend a substantial amount of time on the boat in the one toilet on board. It was embarrassing and I just felt horrendous. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.”

On his return to the hotel Aaron arranged with the rep to see a doctor and he was advised that he should go to hospital. Once there, he was treated with a drip and also given medicine.

He said:

“I was in such a bad way, and as I was flying home the next day, I tried to arrange a late check-out but the hotel advised this was not available and if it was it would have been chargeable. I ended up spending the final hours of my holiday on a sofa in reception – it was a total nightmare.

“Upon return home I emailed the TUI after travel support team regarding my complaint and was very disappointed to receive a response advising that they cannot be held liable for ‘any sickness’.  I therefore felt I had no alternative but to obtain legal advice to help me get answers.

“While I’ve seen a doctor since returning to the UK I still suffer from needing the toilet a lot and also have abdominal pains. The past few months have been awful and I feel I clearly deserve answers regarding what I’ve been through.

“I need to know how this was able to happen and I am determined to battle to get my voice heard on this.”