Free funding to replace broken boilers

Residents in the Borough could benefit from new funding to replace broken gas boilers this winter. Money may be available to people on low incomes through the Emergency Central Heating Offer – which the Borough Council are able to access through ‘Warmer Homes Stafford’.

Warmer Homes Stafford is a partnership between the council and Marches Energy Agency and they are keen to make sure householders know where they can get help to stay warm in their homes. The Warmer Homes Stafford scheme provides free and impartial energy advice to local residents through an advice line, home visits and community events.

A broken gas boiler during the winter months can be  stressful for most people, especially those in poor health, old age, or with limited income.

Warmer Homes Stafford can be contacted on Freephone 0800 677 785 or

Advice is free and impartial to all residents, and covers a wide range of energy topics. Funding is subject to eligibility criteria, and residents hoping to access funding will need to provide personal information such as their household income or the benefits they receive as part of an assessment.