Stone couple focus on fitness for life

Sophie Hammond & Jordan Shuttleworth launch Capacity Functional Fitness.

An award-winning athlete from Stone has launched Eccleshall’s first gym, aimed at people at all levels of fitness. Jordan Shuttleworth, alongside          partner Sophie Hammond, also from Stone, will offer classes ranging from strongman and strongwoman sessions to yoga, mobility and gymnastics.

 The pair showcased their new venture – Capacity Functional Fitness – with an open day and bring a wealth of experience to the business. 24 year old Jordan was recently crowned winner of ‘London’s Fittest in the City’ at Crossfit London and was part of the ‘UK’s Fittest Team’ at the National Fitness Games, while Sophie, 22, is a trained fitness instructor and gymnastics coach.

Based at Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate, the gym will focus on                ‘functional fitness’, providing personal training, group training,              nutritional programmes and diet plans. The couple want to help           people to develop their fitness both ‘inside and out’.

Jordan said: “Functional fitness is for everyone and can involve running, rowing, cycling, moving weights, throwing, jumping, and functional             movements such as squatting, pressing, deadlifting and much more.”

For those who want to be the ‘fittest of the fit’, high intensity             intervals, endurance and conditioning sessions will also be on offer and there will be specialist training available for athletes, rehabilitation for armed forces personnel, sports teams and much more.

Jordan added: “Our group sizes will be small – we give people close               personal attention so they work at their own fitness level, with the right balance of challenge, encouragement and safety.”

Sophie herself is proof of the benefits of functional fitness, having dropped two dress sizes since adapting her own workout to include it.

“Switching my style of training grew my strength, stamina, endurance and, most of all, my confidence,” she said. “The physiological changes are undeniable, but the psychological benefits of finding something I love and pushing myself every day are indispensable.”