No road will be left untouched – Railhead plans moved forward by 6 months

Trevor Parkin presenting to the SRCG 29.3. Public Meeting at Yarnfield Conference Centre

Report on Stone Railhead Crisis Group’s Public Meeting 29.3.2019

HS2 is bringing forward the start date for constructing its Stone Railhead by six months to July 2020, with advance works on road junction changes beginning in January 2020.

The shortened timescale is one of the updates contained in HS2’s Second Additional Provisioning (AP2) published in February.

Stone Railhead Crisis Group’s Tech Team member Trevor Parkin explained these changes at its March 29th Public Meeting at Yarnfield Conference Centre.

The other changes are:

–  highway construction works on the A34/A51 roundabout near Stone Business Park

–  the installation of traffic lights and junction remodelling at the A34/Yarnfield Lane junction and the closure of Trent Road to eastbound traffic.

–  a proposed roundabout on the A51 near Swynnerton

–  highway construction works in the vicinity of the M6 Junction 15 Hanford interchange

–  the installation of twin underground electricity cables along a 9-mile stretch from Meaford substation to Whitmore Heath that will pass through Barlaston and along Chase Lane Tittensor.

Mr Parkin also pointed out that AP2 does not include the requirement imposed on HS2 by the Parliamentary Select Committee to widen the carriageway of Yarnfield Lane over its proposed new M6 overbridge.  

He added that Staffordshire County Council had previously demanded that a minimum width of 6.8 metres was required along all sections of the lane to be used by HS2 traffic to allow two HGVs to pass safely.

Stone Town Council is once again petitioning the Parliamentary Select Committee on the HS2 Hybrid Bill (Phase 2a) on the basis of in AP2.

Its petition relates to a number of key issues, including what Mr Parkin stated was a questionable construction programme, which assumes that multiple civil engineering works can commence from day one, and before its construction compounds have been built.

In the 200-strong audience were residents from Stone and surrounding areas, including Yarnfield, Walton, Barlaston, Swynnerton and Hanchurch.  

Audience members also raised concerns over air pollution during the anticipated 4 ¾ -year construction period.

SRCG’s technical experts will appear at the Select Committee on behalf of Stone Town Council on May 7th.