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The Gazette is a family run independent publication. We openly publish the Gazette’s advertisement rates and our distribution figures and invite any sceptics to visit our office and see our print bills for verification of our claims.

The Gazette is a newspaper in content – but a magazine in presentation. We have taken note of the speed with which traditional newspapers – free or paid for – hit the recycling bin, and by adopting the approach we have, we have found the “shelf life” of the Gazette stretches beyond the weekend and it is not unusual for us to field enquiries from readers referring to articles that may be months old.

We encourage potential advertisers to approach existing advertisers to ascertain response levels – many of our customers have been with us for the fourteen years we have been publishing and on any given month, as many as 80% of our advertisers were in the previous month. It is for this reason that the publication continues to grow month on month.

The Gazette is “editorially led”. It is our firm belief that the editorial content is at the centre of our success and we place reader loyalty at a high premium – all of which is, of course, to the advertiser’s benefit.

We are cognisant of the fact that younger readers will also see the publication because it is freely distributed and it is for this reason that there are certain categories of advertising that we, unlike other freely distributed publications, are not prepared to carry. We reserve this right unequivocally.