Fishing results from the Scierra Pairs. Chew Valley heat 1/6/14‏

All the qualifiers

With 23 boats entered in to this heat it was the biggest one yet, 7 boats were going to qualify today. After giving the briefing at 9.30am everyone was raring to go. With everyone settled in their boats, the hooter went at 10am. It was pretty much 50/50 with half the boats heading towards the Dam, the other half heading to Stratford  and a couple stuck around the cages.


Lee Williams and Bill Pugh shocked us all by landing back at the Jetty at 12.50. I went down to the boat to see if they had bagged up or decided to come in for other reasons. But sure enough they had their 16 fish limit…Maybe to day wasn’t going to be too tough after all. The Pair caught their fish from Walley Bank drifting fairly close in using a Fast Glass line with various Minkies, Olive being the most favored.

The next boat in was Mike Osbourne and Paul Osbourne who got back to the jetty at 1.30pm. Their 16 fish were all caught from by the Dam Wall using a Fast Glass Line with Olive Blobs, Black and Green Blobs and a Cats Whisker. This match was going to be a close one because just half an hour later another boat was heading back to us. This time it was Mark Miles and Simon Gurney, they found  their bag limit from Herriots, starting their drifts from just 50 yards out and drifting right up close to the reeds, catching some of their fish in just a few feet of water. Again a Fast Glass Line with Tequila Blobs and Foam Arsed Blobs were the key.


Best fish of the day went to Paul Jones with a cracking Rainbow weighing in at 5lb 4oz. This won him a fishing voucher for Golden Grove Fishery on the River Towy. Paul and his boat partner Stephen Ebdon also qualified in 6th place.

Paul Jones who had the biggest fish of the day 5lb 4oz
Paul Jones who had the biggest fish of the day 5lb 4oz

A total of 6 boats bagged up before 6pm. After the weighing in everyone, it was clear to see how close it was at the top with under 4lb separating the top 5 bags. The day was enjoyed by everyone with every boat managing a couple of fish to weigh in. Thank you to everyone that entered this great fishing Comp.

Next week sees me heading to Rutland Water (Sunday 8th June). There are plenty of boats still left for this heat, feel free to turn up on the morning to enter.
By Phil Dixon