Left to right:- Holly Nicholls, Megan Aulton, Janice Sackey, Ethan Pountney, Mia Rolinson all Year 7 Walton Eco-Group members.

Students at Walton High School are preparing for Spring. Members of the Walton Warriors Eco-group have received a Borough Council grant of £450, which has partly been used to make bird boxes.  They have been selling like ‘hot cakes’ to students and members of staff alike.

The sturdy individually handmade boxes have the names of the birds stencilled on the front to help with identification and each bird box has the correctly sized hole drilled into the box for their own species.

Warrior Eco-group member, Alex Baker Y12, says

“We are putting up the boxes around our school site to support and conserve our garden birds”.

This latest successful initiative by the Warrior Eco-Group has generated a lot of interest across the school.

The club is currently awaiting another delivery of wood to fulfil the order book!