Moddershall Oaks Expand Wellness Offering by Opening £1.5 million 360 Wellness Centre: MADE

Luxury 5* Staffordshire Country Spa Retreat, Moddershall Oaks has announced that it will be expanding its wellness offering by opening a ‘first of its kind’ new 360 wellness centre, MADE. Inspired by Director, Penny Weston’s own journey to fitness and health, the new wellness concept is set to redefine the way in which people view health and wellness. MADE aims to create a happier and healthier everyday life through discovery, encouragement and positivity.

Positioning MADE as more than simply a brand but a lifestyle, it will offer a safe haven for a vibrant community of like-minded and positive people. Recruiting only the best fitness experts and professionals in the area, MADE will not only educate but truly inspire its clients. Passionate about motivation, the new team will encourage guests and members to become their best selves; from food to workouts, MADE is all about living well.

The new wellness building, surrounded by stunning countryside will offer a range of fun fitness classes and activities. Consisting of four bespoke workout zones, MADE will appeal to fitness novices and enthusiasts alike. The Boutique Fitness Gym is packed with a large range of custom-made black fitness equipment. An Outdoor Training Terrace, complete with 150m2 of cushioned astro turf has been designed for bootcamp style workouts, stretching and sunrise yoga sessions.



The MADE Cycling Cave also offers a fun and exciting way of exercising. With atmospheric décor and vibrant LED lights which follow the movement and speed of the hi-tech performance bikes, the Cycling Cave provides an immersive and exciting workout experience. A Functional Studio completes the fitness offering, with an innovatively fitted floor to provide the perfect level of ‘bounce’ when it comes to weight lifting and barre classes. Offering a bespoke and personal approach to wellness, MADE also has two treatment rooms, which will house the very best in sports recovery, rehabilitation, hypnotherapy, nutrition consultations and GP referrals.

Following its principal belief that healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless, the wellness Café at MADE will offer tasty colourful dishes that are as appealing to the eye as to the palate as well as being packed full of nutritional benefits. Encouraging its clients to rewire their relationship with food, MADE aims to dispel the words ‘guilt’ and ‘cheating’. Balance and choice is at the heart of MADE with its menu steering clear from refined sugar and artificial ingredients and instead nourishing the body with whole, mineral- rich foods whilst still feeling indulgent. The tasty menu provides innovative offerings such as a toast menu, rainbow salads, healthy bursting sandwiches, smoothie bowls and snacks. Packed full of greenery, the café brings the outdoors in and offers a productive space in which its clients can relax and enjoy the food. MADE also understands that in our modern day life, time is of the essence, so will also offer a take away option so guests can ‘grab and go’.



Wellness doesn’t just stop at nutrition and exercise at MADE, as equal emphasis is placed on self-care. MADE offers its clients a path to complete 360 wellness through yoga, meditation, workshops and a chance to enter a space that is dedicated to ‘you’. Nourishing the body, feeding the soul and supporting the community, MADE aims to help its clients create a balance, healthy and happy life by making little and realistic changes that lead to big differences.

On the opening, Director, Penny Weston comments,

“At Moddershall Oaks we are constantly innovating and evolving to meet with market demands and we felt that there was a huge gap in the market when it came to bespoke and boutique fitness and health facilities. MADE comes from a very personal place. In the past few years I have drastically changed my approach to wellness and I wish that I had a facility like MADE when I started my journey to wellness. We have an incredible team and we are so looking forward to sharing this special and exciting journey with Staffordshire and beyond”

MADE opens on 10th August 2018

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