Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is commending a local company and fire protection manufacturers for taking steps to protect their business using their very own product.

At around 3.07am today, Friday, August 3, Fire Control received a report of smoke coming from Project Fire, a factory based in Pasturefields Industrial Estate in Hixon.

Crews from Rugeley, Stafford, Abbots Bromley and Stone attended the incident and four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building to investigate. They found a small fire within the factory area of the building, which had been contained when the sprinkler system activated. They used a hose reel jet to fully extinguish the fire and Positive Pressure Ventilation to clear the smoke-filled building.

A fire investigation found the fire started accidentally when rags within a waste a bin self-heated and ignited.

Project Fire is one of the companies SFRS works with to install sprinkler systems in residential and commercial properties around the county, including high rise buildings as part of the Community Sprinkler Project. Legally, the company’s base doesn’t require sprinklers because of its size and construction, yet senior executives took the decision to install a sprinkler system to protect their business continuity should they ever experience a fire. A decision which Fire Protection Manager, Stuart Ruckledge has today praised:

“Thanks to this practical and sensible decision to protect their property with the product they manufacture, Project Fire are today able to continue shipping their products out as scheduled. Despite the minimal damage occurring, the activated sprinkler heads ensured the company will not suffer financially and mitigated any substantial fire damage.

“This shows just how effective sprinklers are at saving property from significant damage and we’d highly recommend businesses consider installing them as part of their fire safety measures.”

Stuart Cain, Managing Director, Project Fire, said:

“Although we are all naturally shocked by the fire incident today, it has shown that fire can strike anywhere and has brought home yet again how crucial and effective sprinklers are at protecting property from significant damage. Before this fire we passionately lobbied the benefits of fire sprinklers and are now all too aware of how much they genuinely protect against substantial loss to property and of course continue to save lives.”