Beacon Lighting Ceremony – Sunday 11 November

On the evening of the 11 November 2018, events will be taking place at St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church, Stone, to commemorate the end of World War One.

These events are open to all. Assembly will be at 6.30pm in the Church. At 6.45pm the Town Mayor and guests will assemble in the church yard.

At 6.55pm the Last Post will sound and at 7.00pm the Town Mayor will press the button to light the beacon at the top of the Church tower.

This is one of a thousand beacons that will be lit throughout the United Kingdom. This is a commemoration inspired by a comment made on the 3 August 1914 by Britain’s Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey. He was looking out of his office window at dusk as gas lights were being lit along London’s Mall when he remarked to a friend ‘the lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime’. The Country was about to be plunged into darkness of the First World War and it would not be four long years before Britain and Europe would again experience the Light of Peace.

In remembrance of the end of the War and millions who were killed or came home dreadfully wounded, beacons of light will be lit here in Stone and throughout the country.

At 7.05pm the Church Bell Ringers will ring the bells in celebration of the end of the First World War; one of a thousand churches and cathedrals that will be ringing out the bells to commemorate the peace.