Are you the next Gareth Southgate?

Football volunteers needed…

You don’t have to be Gareth Southgate to coach football.  In fact there’s many grass-roots football clubs across Staffordshire where your spare couple of hours can really help to give children a healthy start in life.

You can go to the Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent  , SCVYS,  Support Staffordshire or Do-It websites for information about supporting local sports clubs in your area.  But it you’re interested in helping out in Newcastle, read on…

Council worker by day and volunteer football coach for a few hours at the weekend, Andy Marriott’s  reason for doing his bit to help was, to start with,  George – his son who started at Newcastle Town Soccer School just a year ago. But now he’s helping to support almost 100 children every week.  It’s changed both their lives.

Interested in doing your bit?  if you have a couple of hours every now and again to help out, that’s all you need to make a difference.

Watch George and Andy’s story, and hear from Lee, Manager of Newcastle Town Soccer School

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